Hemtastic CBC Bottle



      • $75 per 3000mg bottle delivered in USA
      • Organic
      • Non GMO
      • Pesticide Free
      • Herbicide Free
      • No Heavy Metals
      • No Harmful Contaminants
      • Management without opioids


Hemtastic may assist with many health issues:


      • Inflammation
      • Arthritis
      • Chronic Aches and Pains
      • Stress
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Heart Disease
      • Neurological Disorders
      • PTSD 


Our quality CBD oil is an appealing option for those looking for relief from pain or other symptoms without mind altering effects of marijuana or other pharmaceutical drugs including opioids.


I became interested in growing hemp for CBD oil production a few years ago but until the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, it was illegal to grow industrial hemp in Arkansas.  I have had three major surgeries in the past 15 years and the chronic pain was killing.  Three years ago while visiting Colorado, I bought some CBD oil and my world changed for the better.  Now, I take 100mg or a tincture full of CBD oil daily and my chronic pain has subsided substantially.


You might ask why my CBD oil is less expensive than others.  The reason is I’m a grower who is vertically integrated and I’m passing the savings on to you.  Plus, I want to help people who have any of the issues listed above.  And, because I have a great product, my mission is to help people get off OPIOIDS!!!


Hemtastic is produced by a trusted grower who has been in business for 50 years in White County Arkansas.  We are a grower, packer, shipper of berries, fruits, nuts, sod, grains and now CBD oil.  I got the first CBD license H-1 in Arkansas from the Arkansas State Plant Board who monitored the progress of our hemp crop and made sure that the hemp plants remained consistent with the Federal and State guidelines which state the crop CANNOT exceed 0.30% THC or Tetrahyrocannabinol which ours is well within the limits.


Our Hemtastic is grown on the richest Delta river sand based soil which is excellent because the soil doesn’t have any heavy metals, pesticides, herbicide or other contaminating residues.  Click here for our 3rd party lab results.  As you can see neither the soil or the hemp plants contain anything that is toxic or harmful to you.


You can see the transition process from the plants growing in the field, harvesting, drying and extraction of the oil from the plant.  Click here.


* delivered only in the continental USA


Our 1oz CBD oil bottle contains 3000mg of 99% pure, organic CBD oil.  One tincture dropper contains 100mg of full spectrum CBD oil.  The bottle has a child proof cap that is sealed after the bottle is filled.  The tincture has a scale from .25ml to 1.0ml.


Recommended dosage is 1.0ml or 30ml placed under your tongue for one minute.  Each one ounce bottle has 30 100mg servings or a one month supply.  Remember take the oil daily in order to keep it working in your system.


Extraction Process


I have a personal working relationship with Diamond State Extracts located in White County, Arkansas.  They have the state of art equipment and processing facility.  All the stainless steel equipment brand new and is:


      • ISO Certified
      • FDA Registered
      • Current Good Manufacturing Practices


click on pictures of the processing equipment


Extracting Oil
Extracting Oil


Technical Stuff


What is the Endocannabinoid System?


First documented in the 1990s, this system is a relatively new discovery and is an internal (endo-) receptor for cannabidiol, serving as a modulator and communicator between all the other systems in the body.  These receptors are found in the brain and gut as well as the immune, cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems, and even in the nuclear membrane of cells. When this enormously important endocannabinoid system is properly primed with sufficient cannabinoids – which in optimal health, the body is able to self-produce – the body maintains homeostasis, or balance, and functions the way it is naturally designed to do. In this way, the body can heal itself. We now know that, aside from the endogenous cannabinoids the body produces, they can also be found in small concentrations in such foods as cacao, echinacea, and fish oil, and is even present in mother’s breast milk.  In its most concentrated form, cannabinoids are found in cannabidiol, or hemp oil, also commonly referred to as CBD.

CBD & Endocannabinoid System